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NYC inspired

limited edition prints

After painting these watercolors over the last few months, it’s time to unveil my NYC inspired prints series! These were initially part of my Collector's Circle from last Fall, and were kept under wraps - being rolled out exclusively to a few collectors who signed up for the Collector's Circle subscription. If you didn't sign up then, don't worry! These are finally being released for you to collect.

Each print reveals a subject that's inspired me on my frequent travels in one of the greatest cities in the world - New York. I painted watercolors of my favorite moments, trying to capture the mood and atmosphere of the Big Apple. From the busy pathways winding through Madison Square Park, to a rainy street reflecting the lives of so many busybodies on their way home, or heading out for happy hour.

Each print reveals a story - a little something that we've all felt walking the streets of NYC. And I want to share these stories with you. 

For the next 2 weeks, I'll be offering each at a discounted price (10% off), with an even greater discount if you choose to collect all four prints (20% off). This ends May 26th!

It would mean so much to me if one, or all ; ) , of these prints made it to your home. 

A little about these prints

Each piece is printed on archival, acid-free paper with permanent inks that will never fade. I ensure the greatest quality for every print I make and when you open these, they will truly glow in your hands. They arrive packaged in a clear protective bag, and will be hand signed and numbered by me. 

Each are an edition of 15 prints - and there are only a few left. 

They're printed on 8.5 x 11 inch watercolor paper, which makes them an awesome size to build your art collection to fit anywhere in your home. The printed area is roughly 6 x 9 inches, so these will easily fit into an 8 x 10 inch frame. Prints ship within 2 weeks. (Free shipping within the U.S.)


Spruce up your art collection and go for all four prints - they will look amazing side by side or scattered around your home. Or, if you're super generous, you can give one as a gift ;)

John’s NYC paintings truly reflect the simultaneous chaos and serenity that is New York City. This series is full of glimpses of color on a shadowy street, of light peeking through tree branches, of the rain on a sidewalk, and of course the people hurrying through the streets. These are amazing paintings, and as a series, it’s really thought-provoking!
— Liza (collector)

There are only a few prints left to collect - so don't miss your chance to purchase one of these New York City inspired watercolor prints. They are a piece of art that will last a lifetime and look amazing in your home, and are sure to start a conversation. 

Remember, these are discounted for the next 2 weeks (until May 26th), and the bundle option will disappear after that time! Don't wait too long, because these might be gone before then. 

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask =)


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