craggy cliffs of Howth

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Craggy Cliffs of Howth, watercolor on paper

It was a rainy morning in Howth, Ireland - gray mist covering everything. I trekked up this steep terrain with a buddy of mine to reach the cliffs. For the first time, I saw a finished painting in my mind. It sounds strange, but this darkly wild, overgrown landscape really inspired me.

In this painting, you can see my style as it is now, a combination of both nature and imagination. 

I don’t worry about tiny details - I paint this quickly and with gusto. This is one of my favorite watercolors because it shows a feeling - a response to this beautiful, wild landscape.

Trees swaying on top of this jagged cliff, small islands fading into the distance.

For me, this is what art is all about. It's what drives every painting I make. If I can feel it, I can paint it.


I'd love for you to collect this print, to inspire your own imagination and bring back memories of personal adventures.

Craggy Cliffs

 8 x 10 inch print (image size appr. 6 x 9 in.)

printed on archival matte paper, signed by me

this is an open edition of prints


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